The Dogwood Invitational

At Druid Hills Golf Club

Dogwood Player Housing Information


Stay with a Druid Hills Golf Club member during Dogwood week. All players that indicated a need for housing during on line registration will receive an email with their housing assignment. Housing is reserved for invited players. If you are traveling with a caddie or parent, while we will make every effort, the Housing committee cannot guarantee housing for those traveling with you. If you have any questions, please contact the Jim Roberts, Player Housing Chair.

Hotel Information

Emory Conference Center Hotel - 404.712.6000

Holiday Inn Express Emory - 404.320.0888

University Inn at Emory - 404.634.7327

Emory Inn - 404.712.6700



CONTACT Player Housing Chair Jim Roberts

As the Druid Hills golf course continues its spring renewal, the Dogwood Invitational committee is full apace preparing for the 2017 tournament. Housing a player for the Dogwood is a highlight of the golf year for many Druid Hills families, and this month I am beginning to pair players with host families. I am pleased to invite you and your family to host a player for the 2017 Dogwood Invitational held at Druid Hills Golf Club June 26 - July 1.

Any exposé about a host family would tell the same narrative of friendships gained and impressions made, most often highlighted with anecdotes about how the players positively influenced the kids in the home. The Palmers, Lassiters or a dozen other long-term Druid Hills families will all tell the same story.

Thank you for your willingness to help make the 2016 Dogwood a terrific experience for the players!