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Georgia Junior Golf

One of The Dogwood’s goals is to raise funds and awareness to help junior golf succeed in touching the lives of as many junior golfers as possible. We support GJG in an effort to expand its programs throughout the state of Georgia and continue teaching kids the game. GJG prides itself on a variety of programs for over 1,400 junior golfers ages 7-18 keeping the game alive for our youth.

Georgia Junior Golf is a statewide program developed through a merger of Atlanta Junior Golf and the GSGA Junior Sectional Program. The program is managed by the Georgia State Golf Association and is open to juniors of all skill levels between the ages of 5 and 18 who have not yet started college.

Georgia Junior Golf traces its origins to 1974 (initially the DeKalb Junior Golf Association) when a local sports writer for the DeKalb County weekly paper, Mike Bentley, recognized the need for a junior golf program in the Atlanta area. During its inaugural season, 99 boys and girls registered to play a schedule of a half dozen events. The cost was $2. The season-ending Grand Championship, held at Pinehurst #2, closed out a successful first season and laid the foundation for the successes AJG has realized since.

Since that first year, GJG quintupled its membership over the next ten. By 2000, the membership peaked at more than 1,600 junior golfers. In all, it is estimated that GJG has helped introduce more than 10,000 junior golfers to the game.

The Druid Hills Golf Club Foundation

The Dogwood is proud to support The Druid Hills Golf Club Foundation which oversees the Wayne Reynolds College Scholarship. The Foundation helps qualified junior golfers with their college tuition. The purpose of the Reynolds Scholarship is to encourage and promote the attainment of higher educational goals for students who have demonstrated successful participation in a junior golf program in Georgia. The Foundation will provide yearly grants for deserving undergraduate students at accredited two or four year colleges or universities.

The Reynolds Scholarship was founded by Wayne Reynolds, a long time member of Druid Hills Golf Club. Wayne wanted to leave something special for the Club, a benefit to the community and wanted to give the members of Druid Hills something to be proud of. Wayne and his family chose to help junior golfers with an opportunity to attend college by establishing the four year $3,000.00 annual Reynolds Scholarship awarded to those kids who qualify.

Since its inception in 1998, the Reynolds Scholarship has been awarded to more than 32 junior golfers.

The Georgia Junior Golf Association and The Druid Hills Golf Club Foundation are non-profit, tax-exempt organizations under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. They are funded through memberships, sponsorships and contributions. Contributions to the GJGA and DHGCF are tax deductible by individuals and corporations alike. Separate volunteer boards govern the activities of the associations.

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