Housing Information

If you’d like to stay with a Druid Hills Golf Club member during Dogwood week, please fill out this form.

The housing committee will do everything it can to fulfill your request. Housing is reserved for invited players. If you are traveling with a caddie or parent, the Housing committee will try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee housing for those traveling with you. If you have any questions, please contact dogwoodhosts@yahoo.com.

Nearby Hotel Information

Emory Conference Center     404.712.6000

Holiday Inn Express Emory   404.320.0888

University Inn at Emory   404.634.7327

Courtyard/Marriott Decatur    404.371.0204

Information for Druid Hills Member Hosts

Thank you for your willingness to help make the Dogwood Invitational a terrific experience for the players, our club and community alike. If you’re still considering being a host, please read the following information about expectations and experiences and contact the tournament Housing Committee with any further questions you may have.

The week’s full schedule of events can be found here. Players usually arrive on the Sunday or Monday before the tournament and stay until Saturday (the final day) or leave earlier if they fail to make the cut. Generally speaking, players hang out at the club for most of each day: practicing, playing, and socializing.

The Tournament provides breakfast and lunch each day for the players, and host families should be prepared to offer dinner each evening to players. Some players will have cars, some will not. The housing committee will doing everything it can to house players without cars as close to Druid Hills Golf Club as possible. If the player does not have a car, the host family is expected to provide travel to and from the Club. However, many players offer to use Uber or similar ride-share options.

If you have Xbox or similar, your players are going to like you; but if you offer something more personal, you’re going to get so much more out of the experience. You and your children will create rich memories being around a successful college-age student-athlete who is, perhaps, an aspiring professional player. Many families have hosted golfers who now play on the PGA and European tours; numerous former Dogwood players have also won on these tours. Families often group-up and take players to Braves games, downtown Atlanta, YDFM (a real treat for those from small towns or other countries), L5P (ditto), East Atlanta, Buckhead, etc. These and many other experiences create thoughtful relationships that enrich the players and host families alike.